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11 Apr

Ellepot system, from Danish Ellegaard, will be adopted in the production of eucalyptus seedlings

Translated from Painel Florestal (Portuguese)


Details of eucalyptus seedling in Ellepot

In a leading nursery, with high precision and 100% automated. That’s how Fibria, the world leader in the production of pulp and eucalyptus, will produce their seedlings from March 2017.
With a capacity of 43 million seedlings per year, this automation was only possible with the adoption of Ellepot tubes system made of degradable paper certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), a Danish technology already established in the world.

Ellegaard-Fibria partnership began with insightful research in the nursery and plantation resulted in better yield and excellent quality seedlings. “We are very proud to have been chosen by Fibria to be part of this great project,” said Lars Steen Pedersen, CEO of Ellegaard.

In the constant search for cost reduction, Fibria also considered the ease of mechanized planting with seedlings in biodegradable paper. In Brazil for 10 years, Ellegaard sees this partnership with Fibria as an important beacon in consolidating the Ellepot system in the country.

Present in more than 100 countries, Ellepot system is already being used by Forestry companies like Arauco, Stora Enso, UPM, Montes del Plata and Smurfit Kappa.

Producing ellepots

The nursery

Fibria will be the first company in the pulp area using robots to plant eucalyptus seedlings. This is the first step of that process, the conventional method was performed manually. The automation will avoid losses and preserve the integrity of the seedlings. The new nursery also follows concepts of sustainability, reducing waste and environmental impact.

The new facility will occupy approximately 48,000 square meters of greenhouses, with automation in transport processes, handling, selection, irrigation, nutrition and weather control.

“Best seedlings are the basis for better terms forests,” said Aires Galhardo, forestry director of Fibria.


The Ellepot system

The Ellepot is a degradable paper cartridge that replaces plastic tubes and does not need to be removed at the time of planting, thus avoiding loss of substrate or the seedling stress before being planted.

In addition to improving the quality of the root system, the Ellepot system considerably reduces the costs of processes such as tubes collection, washing and events of missing tubes in the process.


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